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Nona Roofing Inc.

Repair and 

We provide maintenance, repair and inspection services,  to protect your home and family. 


We also understand that sometimes your roof needs to be replaced, so we will be there when the time is right, so that you are protected and it does not cost you more than necessary.

New roofing

Tell us your ideas and we will accompany you to turn them into reality. Our team will guide you along the path of your new roof, meeting your goals and taking care of your budget.

Nona Roofing Inc.

Modern and safe roofs

We cover your family with the best quality and design.

Residential roofing

Working to protect what is most precious to each client has been a source of pride for our company since its inception. We understand that under each delivered project, a happy family is covered with security and confidence. This is due to our constant interest in quality, design and compliance.


For these wonderful reasons, we strive every day so that each work provides peace of mind to those who have placed their projects in our hands. Thats why at Nona Roofing, we deliver each job with a warranty certificate that replaces any word with a fact.

Nona Roofing Inc.

Our process

Your project will be a clear, delimited and controlled process.

In this way we guarantee compliance, quality and we keep you informed during the progress of the work.

Detailed assessment of your needs

We evaluate your ideas, needs and objectives, as well as the current state of your roof. Making sure to include all the details to consider in your budget and work schedule.


Nona Roofing Inc.
Nona Roofing Inc.

Transparent budget
and billing

Once we have the state of your roof, layers, accessories and other structural elements. Our team will review the scope of work with you to ensure you are fully prepared to move forward with the project.


Nona Roofing Inc.

Schedule designed for your comfort

We know that it is uncomfortable to be at home with a roof under construction, which is why our work team will adapt the work times to make them as comfortable as possible for you and your loved ones.


Nona Roofing Inc.

Clean, careful and fast work

Nona Roofing will get the job done on time, without delays or distractions. We will take care of protecting the gardens, swimming pools, windows and other elements on your property. In the end we will pick up all the mess and leave everything as it was


Nona Roofing Inc.
Nona Roofing Inc.
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