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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I tell that I need a new roof?
    A properly installed roof, with good quality shakes and tiles, could have a useful life ranging from 15 to 30 years. However, taking our geographical area into account, your roof will be constantly subjected to extreme weather conditions, severe temperature changes, direct sunlight, strong winds and high humidity in critical areas. All of the above play an important role in the longevity of a roof, which is why it is always very important to work with an experienced company that does the job accurately and chooses the correct materials. While the roofing shingle manufacturers we use today offer lifetime warranties, this was not always the case in the past. And the weather conditions mentioned inmost cases play a role against this calculation. If we have to give you an appropriate figure, we'd say 12 years is a good guideline for considering a replacement, but it depends greatly on the above factors. Here are some issues to watch out for: Evidence of water leaks on your ceiling Discolored or cracked interior drywall Curling shingles Hail/wind damage Loss of the asphalt granulation / bald spots on the shingle Decayed shingles Cracked, damaged, or missing shingles Flashing that is missing or rusted If your roof has any of these issues or is over the age of 12, we recommend that you call us for an inspection. Having a professional on the roof for a detailed examination can catch any issues, not visible, early enough to avoid costly repairs down the road.
  • If I see any of these roof damage warning signs, does that mean I need basic roof repair or a total roof replacement?
    Getting a replacement over a repair depends on the condition of the shingles. If the roof material is past its prime or the original roofing contractor installed the roof improperly, you will probably need a complete replacement. A shingle roof in good condition can be repaired as long as the integrity of the shingle is intact. For roof shingles that are decayed, damaged, or just old, it’s economically smarter for your home’s protection and investment to have us perform a roof replacement.
  • How much does a new roof replacement cost?
    Several factors determine the cost of your new roof. The experience and quality of the roofing contractor, the type, brand, and grade of roofing shingles, the size of the roof, and the slope and shape of your roofline affect the price. Don’t choose your roofing contractor based on cost alone! Yes, price is a factor, but there are many other components to consider in getting the quality roof that your home deserves. Remember that roofing contractor workmanship and high-quality roofing materials have significant value. Simply hiring the cheapest roofing contractor could end up costing more in the long run if you need more frequent repairs due to shoddy work, as well as the need for an earlier roof replacement. Nona Roofing Inc, can provide a no-obligation and free roofing estimate to get a fair and accurate cost for your unique home’s needs.
  • Would I have to replace downspouts and gutters at the same time?
    If your downspouts and gutters are in good shape, our contractors can simply work around them. And we won’t remove and reinstall them once your roof is complete to avoid damaging them. However, Nona Roofing Inc, can also provide this service if your gutters need repair or replacement since we are a full-service contractor.
  • How long will it take your roofing company to install my new roof?
    As one might expect, multiple factors affect all roofing projects – weather conditions, a second layer to remove, flashing issues, and more. But overall, our professional roofers at Nona Roofing Inc, can be finished with your new roof – from taking off the old roof to cleaning up – in three to four days, depending on the above factors. Our crews are very efficient in the roof removal, new roof installation, gutters MN, and cleanup. Our professional roofers train to stay on schedule, handle city permits, and ensure your complete satisfaction with your roofing installation. These factors take a lot of coordination, and at Nona Roofing Inc,, we pride ourselves on being organized, efficient, and professional.
  • Do I need to do anything before the roofing company starts?
    Since roof replacement and roofing repair can be a noisy and messy process, you may wish to consider going somewhere else for a few hours once the roofing contractors begin pulling off the old shingles. Consider the potential disturbance to your pets, as well. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this, but we do our best to minimize inconvenience during this roofing process. 1. Park your vehicles in the street or down the block. The roof removal trucks will need to occupy your driveway, and relocating your cars helps keep them safe and out of the way of stray shingles and nails. We are very efficient in our clean-up and use mobile bins to collect old shingles and materials so that you won’t have a big dumpster on your property for a few days – we remove this dumpster at the end of every workday. 2. While we have done thousands of jobs without issue, we still encourage customers to protect any item with high value. Since we will be walking on your roof, the vibrations could upset something that is not secured. 3. Cover your swimming pool if you have one. If you don’t own a pool cover, we will place a tarp over it, 4. Cover or move anything of value from the yard. We’re not as familiar with your yard as you are, so either move or alert us to any item we need to avoid affecting. 5. We will take all precautionary measures to protect the items on your property from covering items with a tarp in the garage or yard to use a blower to remove any residual dust. If you have a decorative driveway or sidewalk, we’ll take care to protect it from vehicles, debris, and footsteps.
  • What happens if my new roof leaks?
    It’s covered. The Owens-Corning shingle manufacturers we work with offer lifetime warranties, and most are transferable to any new homeowner for a small fee. And that’s just the shingles. We take great pride in our workmanship and have done all of our roofing installations without issues. But if any leaks came about, we would repair any leak and any damage to sheetrock, insulation, or paint.
  • I’m looking for roofers near me. Where is Nona Roofing located?
    Please click the button below and locate us on Google maps.
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