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Nona Roofing Inc, The roof repair Specialist.


Commercial & Residential roofing


Roof repair

Nona Roofing Inc, The roof repair Specialist.


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Expert hands on each project

At Nona Roofing, we guarantee quality work done by experts, with the best skills and the propere equipment. Do it with the best team, do it with Nona Roofing.

Only the best materials

Our company is constantly looking for the best quality to guarantee that the client has a long-lasting and well-executed job.

Arquitectura concreta

Prices according to your needs

Why pay more? Having a safe and long-lasting roof should not imply an extreme expense. We offer you the best prices without diminishing the quality of our products and finished work.

Professional and trained team

We have a highly qualified team in each area to ensure that our clients encounter the best treatment and service, as well as a beautiful, well-assembled product.

Your goals are our priority

Knowledge and leadership in functional constructions

Nona Roofing Inc, The roof repair Specialist.

Modern and safe roofs

We cover your family with the best quality and design.

Residential Roofing

Working to protect what is most precious to each client has been a source of pride for our company since its inception. We understand that under each delivered project, a happy family is covered with security and confidence. This is due to our constant interest in quality, design and compliance.


For these wonderful reasons, we strive every day so that each work provides peace of mind to those who have placed their projects in our hands. Thats why at Nona Roofing, we deliver each job with a warranty certificate that replaces any word with a fact.

Our experience is your support

Quality and beauty protecting your facilities.

Commercial Projects

We understand that each commercial or functional project is supported by a great human and economic effort from its owners and partners. For this reason, it is important to protect it with experience, quality and excellent finishing work that will leave your image high and will protect your greatest and main asset, your customers and workers.

You can trust the Nona Roofing team, and leave your ideas and needs in our hands so that together we can create the most appropriate solution that allows you to combine beauty and functionality under the same roof.

Nona Roofing Inc, The roof repair Specialist.
Nona Roofing Inc, The roof repair Specialist.
Complejo oscuro techos de Vivienda

Warranty on all projects

Our experience and professionalism, in large projects of assembly, replacement, or repairs, allows us to guarantee each job. Do it with backing, do it with Nona Roofing.

Arquitectura concreta
Complejo oscuro techos de Vivienda

Strategic and flexible schedule

Each job has a wait, and a particular urgency. Our administrative team will work together with you, to find the best time strategy and schedule that meets your needs

We build beyond Green

We know that our environment is our greatest treasure, therefore, we take care of it using products and techniques that allow its preservation.

Daniel Carapaica

Nona Roofing Inc, CEO & Founder


Our clients

Reviews &


Our roof had a broken tile. They inspected and determine that the damage to the roof was only a couple of broken tiles. 

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María Demesa

Roof Repair Service

Client Review 1

I want to thank Daniel and his team for an amazing job, professionalism, and excellent customer service.

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Byron Valle

Roof Repair Service

Client Review 2
Nona Roofing Inc. The Roof repair Specialist!

Had a leak on my roof, Daniel was very professional and fairly priced. Really happy with the service!!!!!!!

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Cristopher Regis

Roof Repair Service

El servicio de Nona Roofing y su equipo es excelente, muy cumplidos y con perfectos acabados.

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Jaime Galindo

New Roofing Project



We share the day-to-day images of our team in their latest project, take a look and see the quality of our work.

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